My Philosophy

There is nothing quite as memorable as to how you feel when you get excellent customer service.  To have your every need met or exceeded prior to your even knowing you have it sets the service professional apart.  Tammy Gray is that professional.

My Story

From the best hotels to your home…
After 8 years of managing various offices and keeping the front line in order, Tammy stepped over to event planning.  “It was project management at many levels”.  This gave her the necessary experience to make the move into the hospitality business.
What Tammy found working in hotels was the ability to provide a high level of comfort in her dealings with clients.  Both her pleasant disposition and attention to detail allowed for many stress free outcomes.
Tammy believes that, attention to detail is the cornerstone of success when dealing with clients.  Her training and personality have ensured the completion of countless successful events.
Having been trained in the world’s best hotels, she now brings 20 years experience from the hospitality industry to the world of real estate.
Don’t you deserve to be treated like a VIP when it comes to your real estate transactions?

Meet Tammy